KKFI The Tenth Voice 90.1 FM Interview

9 April 2010

Just wanted to send out a quick message to anyone with an internet connection or in the Kansas City, Mo. area tomorrow – KKFI 90.1 FM will be featuring a fun interview on The Tenth Voice that covers a lot of topics including some behind the music info on what’s been going on lately.  Check it out if you have the time!

Details:  www.kkfi.org [the “listen live” link is at the top left of screen] or 90.1 FM at 12:25 PM MDT / 1:25 CDT / 2:25 Eastern]


Queercents + Red Rocks Radio

17 June 2009

QCThis spring has been a little busy between my day job, school [was taking a business course], remixing for another artist [which you’ll find out about soon!], and then several personal projects at home.  So for the summer, I’m doing less than usual in order to relax.  There are two pieces of news, however, that you might be interested in:


I’ve written a few articles for the popular and informative blog Queercents and have a few more on the way.  If you’re interested in improving your finances, be sure to check it out!  Here’s a link to the articles I’ve written so far.

Red Rocks Radio

Red Rocks is a very famous ampitheatre in Colorado and their website highlights some local artists.  If you allow pop-ups, go to the Red Rocks website and listen to the radio player.  They liked the sound of I Believe and decided to post it!

Singing with the band

6 April 2009

mccThis Sunday will be a musical first for me – at Metropolitan Community Church of the Rockies, there will be Easter services at 8:30 am, 10:00 am, and 11:30 am. The theme of the event this year is “Rise Above” and they’ve invited me to sing.

What’s special about this performance (beyond the fact that this is a new venue), is that I have the privilege of performing with their live band, Back Pew. We met up a month ago to rehearse and they picked up the song immediately – they are very talented and the song sounds amazing! It’s also great to work with the fun energy they have and to make the song spontaneous and new.

The MCC Easter services are very popular and open to the public, so they’ve added extra parking and a shuttle service at Charlie’s on Colfax and Emerson. For all the details, head to my Events page. Hope to see you there!

Interview on GoRainbowRadio

8 February 2009

grr_smThis week I got to catch up with Tim Corrimal from GoRainbowRadio and talk about the Big Muscle of the Rhythm album, Denver’s Prop 8 rally, new projects that are going on, and more.  It was a fun chat and he just posted the interview on his website.  You can download it from iTunes or go directly to the episode on GoRainbowRadio.com.

A dream come true

5 February 2009

bmrAbout eight years ago, when I was still fresh out of college and a new face in Denver, I was out at a club called The Wave when Thea Austin [Snap!, ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, ‘I’m Addicted (You’re The Worst Thing For Me)’] showed up and sang her hits to a packed and appreciative crowd. I was star struck! I couldn’t get over the fact that she was in the same room as us and that she was only a few feet away! I was screaming “We love you!” and singing along when she started pulling a few people up on stage to dance with her… and I was one of the lucky ones. She even passed the mic around every now and then so people could sing a line from her songs and after I got my turn, she said “ooh, that sounded good” and I’ll never forget that.

Fast forward to PrideFest 2004, I was at a club called Serengeti when the featured performer came on and I didn’t recognize her at first until she started singing her hit song, ‘You Set Me Free’, which is a favourite of mine! It was so cool that she was there and I was star struck again. I had written about 5 songs by that point and I made 50 demo CDs to give out that weekend. I was lucky enough to see her the next day walking around and pulled up the courage to say hi to her and give her a CD. She was so sweet about it and wrote me a letter of thanks, which I proudly posted on my fridge for 2 years [and I still have that letter].

Those moments were truly inspiring and I was so grateful for the sliver of attention that I got from them – it meant the world to me.

So with the release of DJ Bill Bennett’s Big Muscle of the Rhythm, I can’t express how exciting it is to have my song ‘Tonight I Dream’ on there, along with Thea Austin, Abigail, Suzanne Palmer, Inaya Day, Sean Ensign, and more. Bill Bennett fine-tuned everything on that album, including special interlude tracks and some powerful transitions that bring the songs together to create the full experience. I love how he transitioned out of ‘Tonight I Dream’ to merge into the next track, giving the lyrics a new twist. It is one of the few albums that I repeatedly listen to from start to finish [all of the songs are so catchy!] and I listen to it often during my workouts. It’s an amazing album, and it’s a dream come true to be a part of it.

Available at Perfect Beat and iTunes

Rise Above Proposition 8

14 November 2008

If someone vandalized your home or your church for political reasons, would that make you support their cause?  I don’t think so.

While I’m disappointed that Proposition 8 in California passed, I’m even more disturbed by the angry backlash – such as church vandalism – it has caused.  The fact is, Prop 8 had more votes of support than votes against.  Whatever cause you’re fighting for, it takes building a large group of supporters in order to tip the scales.  I feel that an angry backlash creates more enemies than friends.

The reason I wrote ‘Rise Above’ in 2004 was because of the anger and division that I saw building over the marriage debate.  I truly feel that those against marriage equality simply don’t know of any friends, coworkers, or family affected by it.  They don’t understand why it’s important.

Tomorrow morning there is a nationwide rally against Prop 8 and if you’re planning on attending, please take the time to read the lyrics below and watch the ‘Rise Above’ music video again.  The message is so important and I think that building support – from all walks of life – is the best way to make change.

Take care,

James Roy

Video links:
[original mix]
[Freeloader Radio mix]
[Radikal DJ’s Club mix]
[Live at Denver PrideFest]

Rise Above lyrics:
i don’t care if you don’t call me by name
i don’t care if you don’t agree with what i say
and if you attack, you know that i won’t fight back
because i think that we’re on the same page

rise above the noise and you will see we’re all the same
when we have just one voice there is no one to blame
rise above and see that we have the same memory
and all that you do will return to you
rise above

what you see is what you want to believe
what you think is what you want to achieve
and if you attack, you know that i won’t fight back
because you’re feeling more shame than me

rise above the noise and you will see we’re all the same
when we have just one voice there is no one to blame
rise above and see that we have the same memory
and all that you do will return to you
rise above

i won’t tell you how i think you should live
i know how to forget and forgive
and if you attack, you know that i won’t fight back
because you only get back what you give

rise above the noise and you will see we’re all the same
when we have just one voice there is no one to blame
rise above and see that we have the same memory
and all that you do will return to you
rise above

10% of all Rise Above remix sales go to Soulforce to promote equality:

SoleJourney Movie Premiere

29 October 2008

There is a very special event coming up this weekend – Saturday November 1st is the official premiere of the movie SoleJourney in Denver.  It’s a powerful look at people across the country who have joined the Soulforce movement.  If you weren’t aware, Soulforce is the group I teamed up with last year to tour Focus on the Family, and it is also the organization that receives 10% of all sales of my ‘Rise Above’ remixes.

Although you won’t see me in the SoleJourney film, there is a heartwarming scene that features my song ‘Nowhere Without You‘, and I’ll be there to discuss it afterwards with the directors and participants.

Details for the premiere can be found on my events page or on the SoleJourney website

Hope to see you there!

Last Pride show for the season!

10 September 2008

Instead of writing this blog last weekend as planned, I’m writing it tonight in Terminal 1 of Chicago O Hare, waiting to fly home after an impromptu business trip.  Life has been great lately and also very busy!

Last Thursday I attended my last class for my 4 month long leadership course.  I’m really happy with what I got out of it, and even happier to have freed up some time to work on other things again!  It’s quite helpful to realize what you’re good at and also very helpful to find out what are your biggest challenges.  I’m much more clear on both facets now.  My community project [Half of Plenty] is still going, though it’s ramping down as the growing season comes to an end.

The fun news is… Boulder Pride is this Saturday!  I’ve got a show at 3:30 PM and it’s the longest slot I’ve had at a Pride festival before.  That means more songs, including some that haven’t been performed on a big stage before.  The stage will be setup on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall [outside] and we’re going to make the show a fun one with a few goodies to give away.  If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday and you’re in the area, come join us!

In the meantime, have a great week 🙂

Gotta go – plane will be boarding soon…

Pueblo Pride, Goodbye Kevin

13 August 2008

This Saturday is Pueblo, CO’s Pride Festival and we’ll be performing down there around 2 PM.  Later that evening we’re doing a special show at the Pirate’s Cove to continue with all the celebrations.  It will be fun!

Last year a good friend of mine – Kevin Hanson – came down with us for Pueblo Pride and he got up on stage with me to be one of my backup dancers.  Even though he claimed to not be a dancer, people loved him and many asked me who he was, since he was having so much fun on stage and always had a smile.  I’m sad to say that this year, we’ll be spending the morning saying goodbye to him.  He was in a car wreck last week and we lost him.  This picture was from our performance last year.

If you knew him, the funeral is in Woodland Park at 10 am on 116 S West Street.  I’m sure once it’s over he’ll stop by Pueblo Pride again to cheer us up and give his support, as he always did..

A Special Pride

17 July 2008

This Sunday we’ll be performing at Colorado Springs Pride, our third year in a row and it’s always a very special event.  When you consider that Colorado Springs has such mega-organizations as Focus on the Family and New Life Church, this weekend is a very special one for those in the area who want to meet the people and organizations that support them.  We’ll be performing a scaled-back version of the show we put on in Denver and we’ll also have some free Stoli gear to give out.  For those who want to take some music home, I’ll have CDs to sell and a marker to sign them.  Happy Springs Pride!