Pueblo Pride, Goodbye Kevin

13 August 2008

This Saturday is Pueblo, CO’s Pride Festival and we’ll be performing down there around 2 PM.  Later that evening we’re doing a special show at the Pirate’s Cove to continue with all the celebrations.  It will be fun!

Last year a good friend of mine – Kevin Hanson – came down with us for Pueblo Pride and he got up on stage with me to be one of my backup dancers.  Even though he claimed to not be a dancer, people loved him and many asked me who he was, since he was having so much fun on stage and always had a smile.  I’m sad to say that this year, we’ll be spending the morning saying goodbye to him.  He was in a car wreck last week and we lost him.  This picture was from our performance last year.

If you knew him, the funeral is in Woodland Park at 10 am on 116 S West Street.  I’m sure once it’s over he’ll stop by Pueblo Pride again to cheer us up and give his support, as he always did..

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