Queercents + Red Rocks Radio

17 June 2009

QCThis spring has been a little busy between my day job, school [was taking a business course], remixing for another artist [which you’ll find out about soon!], and then several personal projects at home.  So for the summer, I’m doing less than usual in order to relax.  There are two pieces of news, however, that you might be interested in:


I’ve written a few articles for the popular and informative blog Queercents and have a few more on the way.  If you’re interested in improving your finances, be sure to check it out!  Here’s a link to the articles I’ve written so far.

Red Rocks Radio

Red Rocks is a very famous ampitheatre in Colorado and their website highlights some local artists.  If you allow pop-ups, go to the Red Rocks website and listen to the radio player.  They liked the sound of I Believe and decided to post it!

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