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Queercents + Red Rocks Radio

17 June 2009

QCThis spring has been a little busy between my day job, school [was taking a business course], remixing for another artist [which you’ll find out about soon!], and then several personal projects at home.  So for the summer, I’m doing less than usual in order to relax.  There are two pieces of news, however, that you might be interested in:


I’ve written a few articles for the popular and informative blog Queercents and have a few more on the way.  If you’re interested in improving your finances, be sure to check it out!  Here’s a link to the articles I’ve written so far.

Red Rocks Radio

Red Rocks is a very famous ampitheatre in Colorado and their website highlights some local artists.  If you allow pop-ups, go to the Red Rocks website and listen to the radio player.  They liked the sound of I Believe and decided to post it!


Interview on GoRainbowRadio

8 February 2009

grr_smThis week I got to catch up with Tim Corrimal from GoRainbowRadio and talk about the Big Muscle of the Rhythm album, Denver’s Prop 8 rally, new projects that are going on, and more.  It was a fun chat and he just posted the interview on his website.  You can download it from iTunes or go directly to the episode on

A dream come true

5 February 2009

bmrAbout eight years ago, when I was still fresh out of college and a new face in Denver, I was out at a club called The Wave when Thea Austin [Snap!, ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, ‘I’m Addicted (You’re The Worst Thing For Me)’] showed up and sang her hits to a packed and appreciative crowd. I was star struck! I couldn’t get over the fact that she was in the same room as us and that she was only a few feet away! I was screaming “We love you!” and singing along when she started pulling a few people up on stage to dance with her… and I was one of the lucky ones. She even passed the mic around every now and then so people could sing a line from her songs and after I got my turn, she said “ooh, that sounded good” and I’ll never forget that.

Fast forward to PrideFest 2004, I was at a club called Serengeti when the featured performer came on and I didn’t recognize her at first until she started singing her hit song, ‘You Set Me Free’, which is a favourite of mine! It was so cool that she was there and I was star struck again. I had written about 5 songs by that point and I made 50 demo CDs to give out that weekend. I was lucky enough to see her the next day walking around and pulled up the courage to say hi to her and give her a CD. She was so sweet about it and wrote me a letter of thanks, which I proudly posted on my fridge for 2 years [and I still have that letter].

Those moments were truly inspiring and I was so grateful for the sliver of attention that I got from them – it meant the world to me.

So with the release of DJ Bill Bennett’s Big Muscle of the Rhythm, I can’t express how exciting it is to have my song ‘Tonight I Dream’ on there, along with Thea Austin, Abigail, Suzanne Palmer, Inaya Day, Sean Ensign, and more. Bill Bennett fine-tuned everything on that album, including special interlude tracks and some powerful transitions that bring the songs together to create the full experience. I love how he transitioned out of ‘Tonight I Dream’ to merge into the next track, giving the lyrics a new twist. It is one of the few albums that I repeatedly listen to from start to finish [all of the songs are so catchy!] and I listen to it often during my workouts. It’s an amazing album, and it’s a dream come true to be a part of it.

Available at Perfect Beat and iTunes

#8 on MTV Logo’s Top Ten Videos

13 June 2008

You did it again!  I just heard from MTV that ‘Rise Above’ reached #8 on Logo’s Click List for this week, starting tonight.  Thanks to everyone who voted – you know that your votes count!  Let’s keep this going and keep climbing the charts 🙂

I also got an e-mail earlier this week for another chart ranking: Artist Underground.  Their electronica charts show that ‘What Would You Do’ premiered at #40.

If you’re in the Denver area in the next week, we’ve got two shows coming up at PrideFest on Sunday, June 21st.  Check out the events page to get the details.

Have a great weekend

You Did It! MTV/Logo’s Top Ten Videos

14 April 2008

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, Rise Above has reached #10 on MTV/Logo’s top ten music videos!  You can view the Click List ranking here, and if you have a minute, please vote again here.  Ask your friends to vote too and let’s see if we can make it to #1!

MTV’s Logo and Music Connection Magazine

26 February 2008

If you missed the ‘Rise Above’ premiere on MTV’s Logo channel Sunday night, you can still catch it on their website this week. Click here or look for their ‘NewNowNext Music: Videos’ page. If you have a minute, please also go to their contact page to request the video again! This is a great opportunity to get the message out to more people around the country.

Also, thanks to my artist friend Chris Valenti, I got to talk to Music Connection Magazine about some recent exposure on Satellite radio and how it benefits artists. Their article can be found here.

On MTV’s Logo this Sunday

22 February 2008

logo.jpg I just got word from MTV that they will be airing the Rise Above music video on their Logo network this Sunday night [Feb 24th]! It’s been an ongoing project over the past few months to get the video closed captioned and in their hands, and it has finally happened.

The video will air on their NewNowNext Music show at Midnight Eastern Time. You can find out more about Logo’s TV listings here.

If you’re in the Denver area, we’re planning on getting a group together to watch it. E-mail me if you’d like to join us!

“Rise Above” in the charts!

11 February 2008

djtimescover.jpg If you pick up a copy of this month’s DJ Times Magazine [print version], you’ll find Rise Above listed as #5 in the National Crossover “Most Added” Chart… sandwiched between such artists as Cascada, Enrique Iglesias, and Mick Jagger! The song also charted at #14 on the Illinois Record Pool’s Top 50 Dance Singles Weekly chart last week.

If you’re a club-goer, be sure to request Rise Above at your clubs! ..and if you don’t have a copy of the enhanced CD-single with the club mix music video, you can pick up your copy here

The New King of Dance Music?

26 December 2007’s Ramone Johnson and Kurt Kirton have some very nice things to say about the ‘begin’ album:

“It’s not often a solo male dance artist (independent or not) comes along that can pull off a release of this caliber. Bravo! I cant wait to get this disk back in my CD player!”

You can read their comments here and pick up your copy of ‘begin’ here

On the radio

26 November 2007

am760logo.jpegWith an hour’s notice, Chris Hubble and I drove down to Clear Channel’s 760 AM studio and were interviewed by Shannon and Drew on their Out Loud show. We talked about Soulforce, our trip to Focus on the Family, and they even played some songs from my upcoming Christmas album, which were all recorded over the past week. I don’t have a recording of this interview to post, but Shannon mentioned that we were welcome to join them again down the road.